The personal familiarity of this understated territory and a life time of travel experience will be realised in this serendipitous tour of Calabria.

A personalised and engaging experience that will make an unforgettable holiday.

Calabria presents a diverse variety of visual, environmental and cultural differences that has evolved via the centuries. This will culminate in a special time for the discerning traveller.

Whether it be forested mountains, field of crops, arid areas, rustic vignards, ancients olive groves, lakes, castels, rivers, old palaces or sensual coastlines the old Calabrian tour provides for everyone.

The tour will be experienced step by step with the comfort of sensitive and sophisticated guides familiar with this special area of Italy. They will lead you to a sublime and rich past of the world that embraces a marriage of cultures, history, nature and gastronomic delights.

The old Calabria tour will imbue the spirit of adventure in a world that is quickly changing.

Indeed, Calabria will not disappoint.

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