Many of them became big and important. The advanced civilization of Magna Graecia subsequently influenced Rome during it's expansion south and on the eastern Mediterranean.

In the course of time, the long history of Calabria has absorbed the different cultural influences left behind by the various populations that ruled the territory, mixing them with the local traditions, usages and customs.

The town of Reggio Calabria

From the 8th century BC until the time of Rome's greatness, the Greek civilization spread all over southern Italy, Calabria, Sicily, Apulia and Campania. Greek art flourished so intensely that these areas quite rightly earned the historical/geographical name of Magna Graecia, or Great Greece.


The Raganello Gorges

Capo Vaticano


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An itinerary in Calabria takes in all the region's diverse cultures: Greek, Roman, Bruttian Byzantine, Albanian. All these elements makes for a fascinating journey. It is ideal for the type of tourists who like to use their imagination and intelligence and who enjoy the pleasure of making their own discoveries.

The attraction of the past greatness and of perfection excited the imagination of great foreign travelers and Calabria inspired the tales of many of them: Dumas, Vivant, Denon, Henry Swinsburne, Edward Lear, Fran├žois Lenormant, George Gissing, Norman Douglas. Beginning from the eighteenth century, all of them set off on the "Grand Tour" to discover the south of Italy and Calabria in particular. They would travel by any means available at the time: mules, horses but also plenty of hiking; this way they have been able to appreciate and tell us about the landscapes that inspired them. Norman Douglas was one of them, and in his "Old Calabria" he writes: "it was exhilarating to traverse these middle heights with their aerial views over the Ionian and down olive-covered hill-sides towards the wide valley of Crati and the lofty Pollino range, now swimming in midsummer haze. The road winds in and out of gullies where rivulets descend from the mountains; they are clothed in cork-oak, ilex, and others trees; golden orioles, jays, hoopoes, and rollers flash among the foliage."


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Many towns were founded by the Greek colonists: Crotone, Sibari, Squillace, Locri, Vibo Valentia, Reggio in Calabria; Paestum, Cuma in Campania; Siracusa, Taormina, Naxos, Segesta in Sicily; Otranto, Brindisi in Apulia.