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9 days / 8 nights starting from Lametia Terme airport, ending in Reggio Calabria airport.


Two nights in Altomonte: a fascinating and artistic medieval village. Morning hike along the canyon of the Raganello river, a sheer solitary place beloved by hermits. Visit of Civita, one of the most wonderful settlement of interior Calabria. Civita owes its origins to the Albanian people immigrated here in the 15th century.

Capo Rizzuto

Two nights in Isola di Capo Rizzuto: hike on the Sila plateau against the back drop of the sapphyre Lake Arvo. "Fishing-tourism" experience on the Marine natural park of Capo Rizzuto. Walk in the impressive fortress "Le Castella". After visiting the Roman theatre in Borgia di Squillace (Scolacium) we move to Tiriolo, picturesque old village, where an easy hike up to 800 meters above sea level enables us to see both the Tyrrenian and the Ionian sea. Full immersion in the local culture and craftwork visiting a textile weaving workshop and meeting one many-sides artist (a traditional Calabrian lute maker and, moreover, an etno-musician). You can listen to some of his music selecting play control
on the left.


Two nights in Tropea: a breathtaking hike along "The coast of the Gods", with the view of Sicily coast-line and the Aeolian islands. Picnic on the white sand beach of Capo Vaticano, outside the so called pearl of Mediterranean Tropea.

Reggio Calabria

Two nights in Reggio Calabria: we enjoy an hike in the Aspromonte forest reaching the spectacular triple Maesano water falls. In Reggio, a visit to the National museum, highlighting the department of underwater archaeology, where the famous Bronzi di Riace are housed (two Greek bronze statues found off the coast of Riace in the Ionian sea on 1972, dating back to the fourth century B.C.).

Lamezia Terme can be reached with many domestic flights, or by five hours Eurostar train ride from Rome at the cost approximatly of 60 euro in first class.

Equipment: hiking boots, preferably already used, or a very good pair of sturdy walking shoes (not running shoes), walking stick if you are used to them, rain jacket, swim suit, light hat, sunblock lotion.

Moderate trails, 2 hours a day.

Suggested self-guided extension to Taormina and Sicily or Aeolian island (Isole Eolie).

Because of the very short distance from Reggio Calabria, these could be a possible extension of your holiday.

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2008 - 2014: The Old Calabria Journey

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