in that balance and now is the perfect opportunity to explore it. Extremely rich in resources: green hills, mountains of superlative unspoilt natural beauty, relaxing coves with dazzling white sandy beaches, lapped by seas of the deepest blue, remote villages full of history and traditions. Around the piazzas stand baronial castles and ancient cathedrals. Hand-weaving, rustic ceramic, wickerwork, food made using traditional recipes accompanied by genuine olive oil and wine.

Now that speed has become a priority in our society, we invite you to hike along the old Calabrian paths, in order to discover how the slowness of the local rhythm combines simplicity with the beauty of nature.

The daily activities include approximately two hours hiking, through untouched landscapes so you'll be able to appreciate this picturesque region even more...


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2008 - 2014: The Old Calabria Journey

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From the Sunday Times: "Like a fractured metatarsus on the feet of Italy, the promontory of Tropea reigns over the turquoise Tyrrhenian sea with his white beaches protected by high cliffs. The town of Tropea is a rarity: offers a characteristic environment, a labyrinth of narrow streets, Renaissance churches and noble palaces of a yellow stone."

(By Mark Hodson).

A fascinating region virtually untouched by development and growing commercialism, but with enough high quality infrastructures to make traveling enjoyable, Calabria is hanging